Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good to Know You've Got My Back ;)

Today was a beautiful day. Sunny. 75 degrees. Perfect park weather. So I packed up the girls and headed down the street...

I had Leilah in her Sleepy Wrap and we were sitting on a bench watching Audrie and Ady play. There was one other mom there with her two girls, who looked to be about 2 and 9. We'd been there about 15 minutes when Leilah got hungry. So I scooted her down in the wrap a little bit, pulled the front of my shirt down, un-clasped my nursing top, and started feeding her. I had pulled the side of the wrap over her head for COMPLETE coverage and modesty. You could barely tell I was nursing. Then the other mom came over...

"Can't you just give her a bottle?" I wasn't sure I heard her right, so I said "Excuse me?" She replied "I said why can't you just give her a bottle. You're at a public park for cryin' out loud." I'm thinking 'keep talking lady and you'll hear crying out loud!' but I keep my cool and simply say "Breasting feeding in public is perfectly legal, I'm fully covered, and not bothering anyone." By now Audrie had come over to see what was going on. Then the lady says "Well a bottle is just as good and no one had to see your chest that way." That's when Audrie chimes in...

"My mommy feeds our baby with her boobies 'cause that's what's good for her. God gave mommies boobies so they could feed their babies to make them grow. And Leilah don't even LIKE bottles she likes to drink milk from my mom's boobie!" I just smiled.

The mom took her two kids and left. Good, more room for my kids to play! It was nice to know Audrie had my back, and that she was listening when I explained why I breast feed Leilah. :)

Shortly after the other mom left Ady said she had to pee so I told the girls to head for the car to go home, so Audrie pushed Ady for making them have to leave. Most of the time she's such a cry baby, but sometimes, she's quite the tough cookie =)


  1. that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! that lady is ignorant : P no one made her look anyway.... i guess some people have a problem with what nature intended...

  2. You have taught your daughter well! When will people get over the whole breast feeding in public issue? Boobs were made to feed babies! Keep doing what you are doing Mama!!

  3. My motherinlaw took my oldest son to the store when my youngest was born the lady cashier was asking him about helping me then she ask him do you help feed the baby my son said no you need boobs to do that...
    My fatherinlaw allways as us when are we going to give the baby a bottle I allways said I am the bottle
    People need to mind there own.
    I have gotten dirty looks from woman not men I nurse with a cover when I am out