Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Mommas

As you can imagine, being home with three kids under 5 all day leaves me very little time to do...anything, haha. So things like showering often have to wait until Terry is home, the older two are in bed, and the baby is fed and content. That means mommy doesn't usually get to shower until around 11 PM most of the time. But the other day I decided it just couldn't be put off any longer...mommy needed to shower!

So I fed the baby, changed her diaper, and put her in her bouncy seat. The older girls were in the toy room playing so I had them go into their bedroom because it's closer to the bathroom. I carefully explained to them that I was going to shower VERY quickly and that I needed them to keep an eye on Leilah until I was finished. I gave Audrie the binky and told her to give it to Leilah if she cried and showed her how to GENTLY bounce the seat and made it clear to Adasyn that she couldn't try to pick the baby up, ect... I'm sure I spent longer "instructing" them than I spent in the shower...haha. Ady kept asking if she could change the baby's butt so I had to make it extremely clear that if she tried to do that she would be in more trouble than she had ever been in before. I made them verify everything I had said then I quickly got ready and hopped in!

I scrubbed and washed and rinsed as fast as humanly possible, shut the water off, grabbed my towel and dashed across the hall to make sure all was well. And what do I find?

Audrie bouncing Leilah's seat, Ady singing her a song, and Leilah staring lovingly at her big sisters :)

I figured since they were doing so well I'd blow dry my hair and get dressed real quick too! So I'm telling Audrie, "Mommy will be in her room getting dressed and then I'm going to go back in the bathroom and dry my hair. If you need anything or the baby starts crying come get me!" And Audrie replies, "Yeah mom I know, I got this. You can even do your make up if you want!"

They are such good little mama's =)

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