Monday, May 31, 2010

She's My Breast Friend :)

Adasyn, my beautiful and...precocious...three year old has no qualms about speaking her mind. Ever. And having a brand new baby sister at home has given her PLENTY to talk about!

Adasyn is still having a bit of a difficult time accepting that baby Leilah doesn't drink bottles like other babies (Leilah is EBF). The first few times Ady saw me nursing Leilah she would simply ask "What's she doin'?" And I would reply that she was eating, and that was a sufficient answer for a while. But then Ady's curiosity got the better of her and she started asking "Why's she eatin' your boobies?" I would have to choke down my giggles and explain that mommies have boobies to make milk for their babies, that's what boobies are for. After a few of these conversations, Adasyn's curiosity was satisfied and the questions ceased (thankfully, because she'd ask EVERY time I nursed...every 3 hours!!!)

Then one morning, we were running late getting to preschool because Leilah decided to start eating an hour later than usual, Adasyn had the overwhelming urge to discuss the happenings of my chest...with her preschool teacher. We got to the preschool around 11...we're usually there between 9:30 and 10. The teacher said "Adasyn you're late! What took you so long?!" To which Ady replied (loudly), without missing a beat "Yea, Leilah was eating my mom's boobies."

Thanks Adasyn, thanks. :)

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